Hello there, amazing you!

I’m Edyne Plancy, the founder of the Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women.

I am a career partner, author and collaborator for above average Purpose-Driven Women and Men “In Transition” worldwide.

I can proudly say that I’m a successful businesswoman who has managed to unlock her full potential and create an amazing professional career, and today I help women all across the world to achieve a get-it-done attitude and gain a candid insight on how to leverage their skills, raise their value and know their worth.


My clients are above average performers who struggle to get the recognition they deserve in their career, are scared to raise their pricing in their business, passed on for promotions and do not have a clue about their true value. Most of them are in a state of crisis about whether they are in the right career, job or relationship. Some desperately want to make a change but don’t know how. Others have completely lost any sense of balance or connection in life, and very much want to know where they belong.

It’s my role to help my clients move from that place of struggle to a place where they are successful according to their own standards, thrilled to be alive, confident in their choices and happier than they ever thought possible.

Where have I been?

I work with above average Invisible Sidekicks in transition because I was one.

I’ve been a part of the corporate world for over 15 years now, but it wasn’t until 6 years ago that I’ve truly started utilizing all my full potential and taking advantage of all my knowledge and skills.

Until then, I have been consistently passed on for promotion, never got the recognition and appreciation for the work I’ve done. I was stuck in the same position, with the same paycheck.

For years, I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall every hour of the day, trying to get paid what I knew I was worth, trying to have a personal life while working eighty or ninety hour weeks, trying to get ahead when even a perfect record wasn’t good enough. I felt trapped and desperate. In the worst moments, I was blindingly afraid that I would never have the courage to take control of my life, and that nothing would ever change.

The good news is that I was wrong.

I finally started listening to my inner voice and made a decision that forever changed my life. I was going to do everything on my own terms, without letting anyone tell me what I can and cannot do, and how much money I deserved.

I ended up making a career change and landed a dream consulting gig, which allowed me to jump into a six-figure income, in under eight months.

Ever since that moment, I’ve been passionate about providing support and guidance to determined, purpose-driven women and helping them get into the proper mindset, leverage their skills, market their worth and take their careers to the next level.

I am here to tell you that no matter how bad or uncertain your career or life trajectory feels to you right now, there is hope. You can have a career and a life you love. And I can show you how to get there, because I’ve done it.

This is what I know for sure

I know that by designing a new culture for your career or your business, will change the culture for your life.

When you are willing to take control of your world, you can have all that you want and more. Will it require you to be brave? Absolutely. Will it challenge you to rise above all that which has kept you down before? Most definitely. Will it throw you outside of your comfort zone more than once? Probably. But if you are game for the ride, the rewards on the other side will be remarkable, and better than you’d ever hoped.

I believe that none of us can do it alone. At certain points in our lives, the only way out of the ruts in which we find ourselves is to call upon those who have done it themselves and who know how to help. I am one of those people.

I believe that you are made for better things than where you find yourself right now. If you are here, and you are reading this, you know what I am talking about. You know, deep down, that there is more to you than this. And you know what? You’re right.

That vision you have of the career and life you really want? The one that you think about late at night, with the nagging fear that you will never have it? I believe that it is out there, waiting for you. It is calling your name. You are here on Earth to go live it.

I can help you get there!

Through private coaching, group coaching, and online programs, I lead my clients to places that until recently only existed in their wildest dreams.

My commitment to you is that if you are willing to work hard, examine your life, take risks for great rewards, give hope a chance and dare to believe that you can be what you are meant to be, you will become one of them.