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Hello and welcome,

My name is Edyne Plancy, and I’m the founder of the “Successful Sidekick Revolution For Women”.

I have been a part of the corporate world for well over 15 years, and throughout my career, I have worked with iconic brands like TD bank, Manulife Financial, Sunlife Financial and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

During that time, I have been consistently passed on for promotions, despite the fact that I have been in charge of several multi-million dollar projects. I never got the recognitions I felt I deserved, and slowly started accepting being denied by other’s ideas of success.

After years of underappreciation, I had a tragic breakdown that forced me to stop for a moment and listen to my inner voice. I ended up making a career change that allowed me to jump into a six-figure income, in under six months.

It was then that I knew I had made the right decision, and that my life would never be the same again.

I went on and created my own business, and made it both my personal, as well as a professional goal to help determined, purpose-driven women adopt the right attitude, leverage their skills, showcase their true value and market their worth.

But enough about me…

The Fact That You Are Reading This Page Tells Me
That You’re Facing Certain Issues
In Your Professional Career

  • You’ve been passed on for the promotion you deserve, one too many times
  • You are not being recognized and your skills aren’t being appreciated
  • You’re stuck with a job that’s not treating you well, and you see no way to advance your career

  • Regardless of the time and effort you put in, your work is undervalued
  • You’re choosing the wrong jobs and bosses time and time again
  • You have lost your self-confidence and are sabotaging your success with limiting beliefs

Do These Statements Sound All Too Familiar?

Then you’re definitely in the right place.

I have brought together some of the world’s most influential master speakers, who will reveal their secrets for success and fulfillment, and help you leverage your skills and increase your value at work.

We have worked together and combined our knowledge and experience to provide you with an authentic way for achieving on-the-job success and becoming a highly valued leader.

You will receive actionable advice from successful women from all spheres of business, as well as measurable, concrete steps that you can implement right away.

My Goal Is To Help You Regain Your Confidence,
Enable You To Realize Your Full Potential,
Increase Your Value As A Worker And
Market Your Worth

Here’s my big promise:

I promise that by the time you’ve finished reading this page, you will have all the necessary knowledge required to make the transition from an undervalued and underappreciated “sidekick” to a well appreciated and highly respected leader.

Here's What Other People Have To Say About The Successful Sidekick Revolution For Women

I love the successful sidekick revolution. Inspiring and practical information that truly elevates you to be the best version of you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and bringing this important work to the world.

Diane A. Ross

I used to think that my time to make my dreams a reality was over for me in both, my personal and professional life. I used to think it was too late to make changes and I was a little afraid and insecure to start new projects or even make changes towards having the life I always wanted, not only that, but I didn’t even know where to start from. I used to question whether or not things would work out if I only tried them. However, I am happy to say that I am not that person anymore.

Edyne, with her amazing personality and positive view of things changed my panorama.

I realized that it’s never too late to make my dreams become a reality, I am powerful, smart and I deserve to live the life I have always wanted... It is possible to make things happen as long as you make them happen in your mind...“it’s done"- like she says
I read the page of “The successful Sidekick Revolution for women” almost every day, the content and great articles as well as successful personalities interviews were definitely one of the best inspirational and motivational tools I needed to start my day. It really helped me with direction and it correlated with my personal/ career goals and purpose.

I am living some of my dreams already and I’m currently working towards achieving more great things to come for my personal and business life. I’m not afraid to dream big and make it happen because I know it is possible!

Thanks Edyne for being such an inspirational person in my life and for creating such a great space to access to motivational/learning tools, help me keep focused and inspired.

Mayra Cristiano

“Successful Sidekick Revolution For
Women” Video Summit

An Exclusive 23 Video Summit That Teaches Women Proven-To-Work Techniques For Achieving On-The-Job Success And Advancing Your Career

12+ hours of high-quality lessons, presented by successful business women

Real life examples and proven to work strategies and techniques you can implement right away

Tools, guides and up-to-date resources to go from an “invisible sidekick” to a highly valued leader

Step-by-step instructions for leveraging your skills and realizing your full potential

You’ll discover exactly how to:

Get into the proper mindset for on-the-job success

Regain the confidence to voice your opinion

Gain respect from coworkers and superiors

Leverage your skills to get the promotions you deserve

Advance your career and get a better paying job

Increase your value and market your worth

Get recognized and become a highly valued leader

Feel accomplished at the end of each work day

Here’s What You Can Expect In “Successful Sidekick
Revolution For Women” Video Summit

23 high-quality videos

12+ hours of candid and authentic content you won’t find anywhere else

Full access to our private community, where you can ask questions and receive support and guidance

Toolkits, tips & tricks and gifts that will help you leverage your skills

If You Sign Up Today, You'll Get FOUR BONUSES That Will Help You Fast-Track Your Career Success - For Free!

Like I've already mentioned, I've devoted my entire professional life to providing ambitious, determined women with the necessary knowledge and candid advice that will enable them to not only leverage their skills and advance their career, but also build a successful, stress-free life around it.

That's why I'm willing to go above and beyond in order to reward success-oriented, purpose-driven women, who are ready to take action, invest in themselves and finally take matters into their own hands.

If you are one of these women, and decide to sign up for the "Successful Sidekick Revolution For Women" video summit in the next 24 hours, you will get nearly $4500 worth of bonuses - absolutely FREE.

Also, I will personally provide you with my leadership, support, guidance and sincere advice, and do everything within my power to ensure you implement the strategies we teach in this video summit, and achieve great success in both your professional, as well as private life.

Here's Are The Bonuses That You
Get If You Sign Up Today

Bonus #1 - Access To A Private Community Facebook Group (Value: $1000)

If you become a member of the "Successful Sidekick Revolution For Women" today, you'll get full access to our private Facebook community, where you can ask questions and receive support and guidance 24/7.

You will be in direct contact with other members who have successfully completed this course and transformed their careers, as well as some of the most influential business women who will gladly share their experiences and offer you their candid advice and valuable insights.

Some of the most successful lifestyle coaches and experts charge as much as $1000 for membership in groups like these, but I'm offering you lifetime access to our private community for free.

Bonus #2 - Free One-On-One 45-Minute Phone Consultation (Value: $2500)

Like I've said, I've already helped thousands of ambitious, purpose-driven women leverage their skills, get the promotion and recognition they've worked so hard for, and take their career to a whole new level.

However, I'm well aware of the fact that everyone's situation is unique, and that you might need a little extra support and guidance to overcome certain obstacles in your career.

That's why I'm prepared to dedicate my time and have a one-on-one consultation with you, free of charge (the actual value of this consultation is $2500), if you show me your determination and sign up for the video summit today.

I will offer my advice, support and resources, and we'll work together to pinpoint the "blind spots" and create an actionable plan that will enable you to reach a breakthrough in your career, even if you feel stuck and believe it has reached a dead-end.

Bonus #3 - Membership In My Exclusive VIP Mastermind Group (Value: $297/month)

After the consultation call, we'll even take it a step further. You will become a member of my exclusive VIP Mastermind Group, where you will work together with other successful business women to gain clarity on your current "pain points" and mastermind your visions together.

This is a highly personalized experience, specifically designed to provide each member with the support, guidance and insight, as well as real, practical, actionable solutions they can implement immediately after each session.

The membership fee is usually $297 a month, and there is a waiting period, but you have a unique opportunity to join the VIP Mastermind Group today, completely free of charge.

Once we discover where you'd like to be in your career, we'll create an actionable 90-day plan and you'll have a clear path to follow on your journey to success.

Bonus #4 - Entire "How To Increase Your Value At Work By Becoming An Expert Outside Of Work" Course

Lastly - you'll get lifetime access to my brand new course, that will enable you to regain your confidence and truly focus on what you want to accomplish in your career.

You will discover how to lean in, relieve the stress and become happier and more satisfied - both at work, and in your personal life.

The strategies I teach in this course will help you unlock your full potential AND build a successful life around your career.

It's time you've learned how to voice your opinion so that you actually get heard, use your knowledge and skills to get the promotions you deserve, get recognition for the work you do and feel accomplished at the end of every work day.

Here's What Other People Have To Say About Me

Meeting you has unleashed the Woman of Action in me.  I think of you and start moving.  You will never know how much this means to me.

Monique McDonald

Edyne pours herself into her students and clients and students with true authentic values. Her “You Can Do It” attitude and our Mastermind sessions have helped me move forward and grow over time. I will recommend working with her again and again.

Joyce Lai

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Your Presenters

Annie Lala

Philosopher, influential speaker and thought leader

Susan Brady

Business Coach, Direct Sales Expert, Speaker


Karen Collacutt

Master Money Coach and CEO of ProsperologyU™

Patti Smith

Sacred Wealth Mentor, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Awesome Wealthy Woman International

Barb Stuhlemmer

Master Business Strategist and Published Author

Jenny Garrett

APCTC Women’s Coach of the Year 2014, Award Winner and Founder of Reflexion Associates Leadership Consultancy

Cheryl Cook

CEO of Small Biz Big Results

Lindsay Lopez

Lindsay owns and operates FORM Pilates Union Square in the heart of NYC, changing the Pilates industry to the better

Dr. Anita Jackson

Founder and CEO of The I Am Enough Institute

Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice

Pam Bartha

Author of Become A Wellness Champion

Jessy Morrison

Reiki Master Teacher, EFT and BodyTalk Practitioner

Nancy Guberti

Biomedical Nutritionist, Founder of Total Wellness Empowerment

Simone Janssen

Business and Leadership Coach, CEO and Founder of Gender Innovation

Dana Pharant

Master Healer & Life Strategist

Dr. Simone Ravicz

Certified Business & Life Coach, Brain Coach, Speaker And Published Author

Dr. Manon Bolliger

President/CEO of Cornerstone Health Centre

Dr. Minette Riordan

Best-selling author of The Artful Marketer

Shereen Thor

Author of The “Coolest Quote Book Eva” and the Founder of Awaken The Rebel

Seema Alexander

Powerhouse Business Coach & CMO at MorLeaf

Dr. Michelle Robin

Chief Wellness Officer at Your Wellness Connection

Ryan Yokome and Kris Britton

Creators of the 12-Week Soulful Money Masterclass

Catherine Cassidy

CEO of Ustyled

How Can You Be Sure That The Strategies We
Teach In this Video Summit Actually Work?

Every single piece of information, advice and tip you will receive in this video summit is being used in real life by successful business women all over the world.

You will get actionable advice and step-by-step instruction for leveraging your skills and becoming a highly valued leader, from accomplished women who have founded successful businesses and built up remarkable careers.

Some of the world’s most influential master speakers will reveal their secrets for success, and share proven to work strategies that have already helped thousands of women all over the world get promoted and transition from an “invisible sidekick” to a highly valued leader.

They will share the techniques that they found most effective for inspiring purpose-driven women, and strategies that will help you find clarity, reclaim your power in the office, raise your value and market your worth.

That said, we won’t just give you the access to the Video Summit, and leave you to your own devices. We will help you build a support network that you can always turn to for guidance and support.

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“Successful Sidekick Revolution For Women”
Video Summit For Just $997

Who Is This Course For?

Women who are tired of being passed on for promotions, and want to get the recognition and appreciation they deserve

Determined, purpose-driven women who want to take their career to the next level

Women who want to learn how to leverage their abilities and creative spirit to enhance their work performance and become successful leaders

What Makes This Video Summit Stand Out In
The Sea Of Courses And Online Training
With A Similar Topic?

Throughout my career, I’ve come across various courses and online trainings that supposedly helped women get the most out of their jobs and advance their careers.

Unfortunately, most of them barely scratch the surface, without providing you concrete steps or a clear plan that you can implement into your professional life.

I’ve realized that most of them are created by self-proclaimed “experts” whose main objective isn’t to help you achieve your goals, but rather taking your money with no accountability or follow-through in your success.

Despite their promises, you are usually left to your own devices when it comes to finding resources and taking action.

They only offer you theories and tell you what “should” work for “most” women, but aren’t really accessible when you’re actually faced with a real challenge, and are looking for advice and guidance.

That’s why I set out to create something fundamentally different.

I have gathered successful women from all spheres of business, and created a video summit where they can share their experience, and provide other determined women with actionable advice, proven to work strategies and concrete steps which you can implement right away.

Like I already mentioned, my goal is to help other women regain their confidence, leverage their skills to get the promotion they deserve and take their careers to the next level by becoming highly valued leaders.

That’s why we will offer you not just the video training, but will also help you create a sound plan which you can implement to start seeing results right away.

Our influential master speakers have generously donated various toolkits, guides, resources and tips that you can use on your journey to success.

You will also get unlimited access to our private community, where you can ask questions and look for guidance from other successful business women. Not only that, but you will also receive amazing gifts that will help you leverage your skills and get the promotion you deserve.

In order to help you make the transition from an “invisible sidekick” to a highly valued leader, this video summit has 3 very important features:

Learn Everything You Need To Know From Short, Simple Videos

You will not feel overwhelmed by the amount of information shared in this course. Our influential master speakers cover everything in short, digestible 30-minute videos, which you can watch at the time that is most convenient for you.

Real Life Examples, Actionable Advice And Proven To Work Strategies

Every single piece of information shared in this video summit is being implemented by myself and other successful business women, from all spheres of business. No theories, ifs or buts. You will be able to implement everything you learn into your career right away.

Support And Guidance On Your Journey To Success

Our goal is to help you leverage your skills, get recognition and appreciation for the work you do, and take your career to the next level. That’s why we will grant you unlimited access to our private community, where you can get answers to all your questions, and find guidance that will help you overcome any challenges you might be facing.

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“Successful Sidekick Revolution For Women”
Video Summit For Just $997

I’m confident that this video summit will help you realize your full potential, leverage your skills to get the promotion you deserve and advance your career.
In fact, I am prepared to guarantee it

I’m not asking you to simply take my word for it.

Instead, what I’m offering you is full access to the entire video summit. Use all the information, every single piece of advice, as well as all guides and resources. Implement everything into your own career, and see how it works for you in practice.

If, after a 60-day period, you’re not completely satisfied with everything you receive in this course or the results you’re getting – just let me know.

My goal is to help you achieve success and take your career to the next level, and if you feel like the strategies shared in this video summit didn’t help you in that endeavor, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

On top of that, you will get to keep all the toolkits, guides and resources – for FREE.

Essentially, what I’m offering you is an
UNCONDITIONAL 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Click The Button Below To Get Instant Access To
“Successful Sidekick Revolution For Women”
Video Summit For Just $997

If you are a woman who has been overlooked for the recognitions you deserve and are tired of being a sidekick who’s assigned lot of the work, without getting the promotion or the increase in income, then you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

This video summit is a great way to boost your confidence, learn how to voice your opinion and leverage your skills to build a successful career. Make the transition from an “invisible sidekick” to a highly valued leader, and live life the way you want to!

To your success,

Edyne Plancy